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        The MD/MBA Association is a professional network and resource for "MD/MBA" Candidates, Prospective "MD/MBAs", & Medical Students, that was was founded in 2011 to provide those interested in the intersection of Medicine, Business, and Policy with an opportunity for dialogue, networking, and information. Feel free to join in the discussion, because only through dialogue will we be able to solve healthcare.

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The synergies between medicine & business allow the decisions made in the board room to seamlessly transition into the exam room.
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October 22, 2012

With the 2012 Presidential Election only 2 weeks away, this is an exciting time in the world of healthcare policy! To learn more about the Presidential Candidates' differences on healthcare from an unbiased source, check out:
NEW! WebMD: Health Care Presidential Candidate Comparison 2012

Also, be sure to read our "Great Healthcare Debate" Blog column, which previews the upcoming election and has an article Supporting President Obama and one Supporting Governor Romney

August 16, 2012

Can "For-Profit" Hospitals really work? The New York Times alleges unethical and dangerous practices at one of the largest Hospital Chains in the country, and the Hospital Corporation of America responds. Follow the controversy here:
HCA Controversy New York Times: Hospital Chain Inquiry Cited Unnecessary Cardiac Work
HCA Controversy New York Times: A Giant Hospital Chain Is Blazing a Profit Trail
HCA Controversy Hospital Corporation of America's Response to New York Times Allegations

We've also added dozens of new articles to our Articles & Resources page, including some of the following:
NEW! Atul Gawande: Can Hospital Chains improve the Medical Industry?
Forbes: As Obamacare Looms, New Medical Schools Open to Address Doctor Shortage
NEW! New York Times: What can Mississippi Learn From Iran?

And finally, we're in the process of revamping our MD/MBA Interviews and MD/MBA Student Interviews. Be sure to take a look at our latest interview with Ankur A. Shah, a BS/MD/MBA Candidate!

July 9, 2012

Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our first major milestone of 10,000 views!

Also, be sure to check out our latest Interview with an MD/MBA of Darria Long Gillespie, MD, MBA

June 11, 2012

Take a look at our inaugural "Science of Finance Column" Blog post- Dendreon:A Case Study in Pharma

Also, we've posted a brand new MD/MBA Student Interview of David Fajgenbaum, MSc, MD/MBA Candidate at The University of Pennsylvania!

May 30, 2012

Check out these new articles on the gaining popularity of MD/MBAs:

Popular! New York Times: Adjusting, More M.D.'s Add M.B.A.
NEW! SFChronicle: For Medical Students, Dual Degrees Gain Popularity

We’ve updated most of our content in the past few days, including our Programs & Rankings, Articles & Resources, Stay Informed, Networking, Leadership Opportunities, The MD/MBA Degree, and Application Guide pages!

Additionally, our blog is up and running, and you can read our very first blog post entitled “How to Fix the US Healthcare System.”

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