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        The MD MBA Association is a professional network and resource for "MD/MBA" Candidates, Prospective "MD/MBAs", & Medical Students. The group was founded in 2011 to provide those interested in the intersection of Medicine, Business, and Policy with an opportunity for dialogue, networking, and information.

        We also provide the only ranking system for all 55 MD/MBA programs across the nation, as well as advice for Prospective MD/MBA students. We welcome you to browse our forums, blogs, and content pages. Feel free to join in the discussion, because only through dialogue will we be able to solve healthcare.

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There is no doubt that MD/MBA programs have been gaining popularity - the number of programs has increased from half a dozen to 55 over the last decade.
MD MBA Association
MD MBA Association

Professional network and resource for MD/MBA Candidates, Prospective MD/MBAs, & Med Students

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