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There is no doubt that MD/MBA programs have been gaining popularity - the number of programs has increased from half a dozen to 55 over the last decade.
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Why did you create the MD MBA Association, and what is your role. Can you give us a little background. Who is involved in launching this group?

I was lost when I was applying to MD/MBA programs a few years ago, and the lack of resources, networking opportunities, and professional organizations for MD/MBAs frustrated me. Fortunately, I was able to connect with some very helpful people who guided me through the process. But given the exploding popularity of the joint degree for those interested in medicine, business, and policy, I was motivated me to help future generations of MD/MBAs. 

I started the
MD MBA Association to solve this problem. As Founder & President of the group, I have invited a variety of MD/MBAs and current students to post first-hand knowledge and advice on the site. Even more importantly, however, we have created forums and blogs to allow our users to drive the conversation and share information with each other. And I'm happy to announce that current MD/MBA students and prospective students can now visit to meet each other, learn about the joint degree, and discuss future opportunities. 
We also provide the only ranking system for all 55 MD/MBA programs across the country
MD MBA Association

Is the MD MBA Association a networking group? Support group? Professional organization? What do you offer? How would you describe it to medical students?

The MD MBA Association is a unique organization that is designed to facilitate professional networking and to serve as a resource for current MD/MBA students and prospective students. 

Specifically, the group offers current MD/MBA students a platform for the
discussion of innovative ideas, leadership opportunities, and career profiles of successful MD/MBAs. We also provide the only ranking system for all 55 MD/MBA programs across the country and application guides for prospective students. 

Do you see interest in MD-MBA programs increasing in recent years? Why do you think that is?

There is no doubt that MD/MBA programs have been gaining popularity: the number of programs has increased from half a dozen to 55 over the last decade. The rapid pace of health system reforms, application of business-like quality and efficiency practices in clinical settings, as well as the need for physician-leaders within the healthcare space motivates many of these students, who hope that the unique combination of skills they acquire will allow them to make an impact. 

What is the biggest appeal for physicians to pursue a business degree? 

Physician's and medical students alike are drawn to pursuing a business degree because of the opportunities to innovate best-practices, pioneer new solutions for age-old problems, and implement change in our healthcare system. From clinical medicine to consulting and finance, MD/MBAs recognize that through business they can magnify their impact and help thousands of patients at a time.

Do you believe there is a growing demand for health care professionals to have a deeper understanding of the business side of medicine, and vice versa?

Absolutely- the synergies between clinical experience and management knowledge is exactly what our healthcare system needs. Traditionally, physician's understand the diseases, treatments, and complexities involved in patient care, while business professionals appreciate the economic realities of competition and costs. Combining these two school's of thought allows the decisions made in the board room to seamlessly transition into the exam room. An MD/MBA once told me that she spent her day translating the medical jargon of doctors into the business vernacular of executives, which represents the cooperation and interdisciplinary focus that has the potential to significantly enhance the way healthcare works in this country. 

Medical students already have tremendous demands placed on them as they pursue their medical degrees. Why should they consider adding another demanding component like an MBA to this?

There is no doubt that medical school is demanding, and an MBA is certainly not for everyone. But for those students whose passions lie at the intersection of clinical medicine and business, the MD/MBA can be a great tool for them to achieve their aspirations. Furthermore, the intangible benefits of immersing yourself into a completely unfamiliar environment, where group projects and case studies are the norm, helps mold students into better leaders, a skill that is applicable to any profession. 
MD MBA Association

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