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Omar Z. Maniya, MD/MBA Candidate
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There is no doubt that MD/MBA programs have been gaining popularity - the number of programs has increased from half a dozen to 55 over the last decade.
MD MBA Association

Founder & President

Omar Z. Maniya
Georgetown University School of Medicine & McDonough School of Business
MD/MBA Candidate, 2016
Omar Z. Maniya, MD/MBA Candidate
Originally from Princeton Junction, NJ, Omar Z. Maniya is currently an MD/MBA Candidate at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. During his undergraduate years at Georgetown, Omar studied biology and economics and gained experience at the intersection of medicine, business, and policy in Healthcare Investment Banking at RBC Capital Markets, at the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, and in the Advocacy office of the American Medical Association.

Omar was one of only two first year medical students to receive the prestigious AMA Foundation Excellence in Medicine Leadership Award for his work with Primary Care Progress to advocate and successfully lobby for the bipartisan introduction of the "Family Healthcare Accessibility Act," a bill that reforms malpractice for volunteer physicians at community health centers, to both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Omar currently serves as an ambassador for the philanthropic arm of the AMA, and holds a variety of leaderships within the AMA's medical student's section. At Georgetown, Omar founded the Business of Medicine group to serve as a platform for medical students to discuss nonclinical issues that effect physicians, before founding the MD MBA Association to serve as a professional network and resource for MD/MBAs.

In the future, Omar hopes to combine his interests in business and medicine to develop novel healthcare delivery models that can provide more accessible and higher quality care at a sustainable cost.

Omar writes The Do No Harm column, which takes a look at common sense solutions to the problems our healthcare system faces from the perspective of an MD/MBA Candidate. Read Omar Z. Maniya's Articles for MDMBAs.com

For more information, read Omar Z. Maniya's
MD/MBA Student Interview

Vice President, Operations

Omar F. Rahman
Georgetown University School of Medicine & McDonough School of Business
MD/MBA Candidate, 2017
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Omar Rahman is a first-year MD/MBA student at Georgetown University School of Medicine and the McDonough School of Business in Washington, D.C. Omar also attended Georgetown University for his undergraduate education, where he studied Biology and Economics. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Omar is a dedicated supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers football and Pittsburgh Penguins hockey teams.


Aneesh L. Gupta
The University of Queensland School of Medicine
MD Candidate, 2015
Aneesh L. Gupta, MD Candidate
A New Jersey native and graduate of Georgetown University with a B.S. in Biology, Aneesh Gupta is currently a first-year medical student at The University of Queensland School of Medicine in Brisbane, Australia. After medical school, Aneesh hopes to pursue a career in emergency medicine focusing on health policy, EMS/disaster medicine, and international relief efforts. Outside of medicine, he is an avid sports fan, playing tennis whenever he can and supporting the Philadelphia Eagles football and Georgetown Hoyas basketball teams.

Read Aneesh L. Gupta's Articles for MDMBAs.com
Naveen S. Kumar
Northwestern University, 2011
Financial Analyst

Naveen S. Kumar, Financial Analyst

Naveen Kumar is a recent graduate of Northwestern University with a B.S. in Economics, and is currently a Financial Analyst at a major investment bank in New York, NY. Prior to working on Wall Street, Naveen gained experience in consulting and research. In addition to his special interest in Healthcare, Naveen also enjoys music and founded the band "Stars N' Mars."

Naveen writes The Science of Finance Column, which takes a look at healthcare and analyzes it through the financial lens of a Wall Street Analyst. Read Naveen S. Kumar's Articles for MDMBAs.com

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