Great Healthcare Debate: Why We Need Obama

By: Aneesh L. Gupta
The Great Healthcare Debate column previews the upcoming 2012 US Presidential Election, and the ramifications it will have on our healthcare system.


At the end of the day, the debate between Romney/Ryan and Barack Obama comes down to one simple idea: today vs. tomorrow. While Paul Ryan's plan really does have America’s best interests at heart, his ideas ultimately fall short. President Obama’s ideas allow for more citizens to gain medical coverage, which will ultimately lessen the strain our nation’s health care is putting on our finances. It is time to fully embrace the fact that our capitalism-driven health care system is not working, and change is needed. At some point, we need to look at ourselves and decide if we are a country where only a small portion of our population receives health care, or if we are a country that fights for every American and their right to a healthy life...