Dendreon: A Case Study in Pharma - The Science of Finance Column

By: Naveen S. Kumar
The Science of Finance Column takes a look at healthcare and analyzes it through the financial lens of a Wall Street Analyst.


Working in finance has made me appreciate the interconnectedness between what I hear on CNN and what I see when I flip open my Bloomberg terminal. Sure we’ve all heard about the “globalizing” world where everything is connected…but its one thing reading about it in Thomas Friedman’s “The World is Flat” and entirely different to experience it in real time. This may seem obvious: what happens out there in the real world really does – almost instantaneously – effect what happens to an individual stock, industry or sector. Health Care is no different, and this simple fact might be the reason why so many active managers have historically cautioned away from the sector that, by itself, accounts for over 17% of our GDP...