Networking, especially within a community as small and unique as MD/MBAs, is a critical informational and professional development tool for MD/MBA Candidates. On this page, you'll find valuable advice, resources, and opportunities to network with other MD/MBA Candidates and successful MD/MBAs. Here are some of our suggestions:

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MD MBA Association

At Your School

1. Be sure to contact your MD/MBA program administrator to be put in touch with other MD/MBAs in your program
2. Check out your school’s alumni network to look for successful MD/MBAs who may be able to guide and mentor you


1. Read and Post on our Forum, its a great way to help others, get your questions answered, and connect with the community
2. Use the Student Doctor Network Forum and/or Wall Street Oasis Forum as well to expand your reach


1. Join our Linkedin Group, MD MBA Association, to join our close-knit community. Please Note: Joining the Linkedin Group requires moderator approval, and is exclusively for MD/MBAs and Current MD/MBA Candidates
2. Join the MD/MBA Group on Linkedin, for geared towards MD/MBA professionals


1. Attend our MD MBA Association Networking Event, which will likely be held in Washington, DC in February, 2013 on the sidelines of the AMA’s National Advocacy Conference and the AMA-MSS’ Lobby Day Conference.
2. Meet other MD/MBAs and Candidates at various other conferences, such as the American Medical Association Conferences & The Association of MD/MBA Programs Conference. More information on the conferences these groups hold can be found on our Opportunities to Get Involved page

Mentorship Program

1. In the coming weeks, we will begin our Mentorship Program, which is designed to connect MD/MBA Candidates with successful MD/MBAs. Please check back on our Mentorship Program page soon for more details!

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