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The synergies between clinical experience and management expertise is exactly what our healthcare system needs.
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  • Get weekly in-depth analysis on the implementation of healthcare reform with Deloitte’s “Healthcare Reform Memo
  • Sign up for biweekly alerts from “Health Affairs,” the journal at the intersection of health, healthcare, and policy:
  • Free with Membership Sign up for the American Medical Association’s daily “Morning Rounds” e-mail, summarizing the day’s healthcare news
  • Free with Membership Join the AMA’s “AMA Wire” listserv, which sends weekly healthcare policy updates

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  • Check out the MDMBAs Forum
  • Popular! Definitely read Dr. Atul Gawande’s latest healthcare articles
  • Stay up to date with “social media’s leading physician voice,” with the Kevin MD Blog
  • Browse the Student Doctor Network Forums

Publications & Journals

  • Be sure to read the biweekly “bible of healthcare policy”, Health Affairs
  • Survey the more clinically-oriented biweekly Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
  • Read the Physician Executive Journal of Medical Management, designed for Physician-Executives by the American College of Physician Executives
  • Subscribe to Healthcare Executive Magazine, which serves the 40,000 member American College of Healthcare Executives

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