MD/MBA Student Interviews

On this page, you'll find advice from current MD/MBA candidates about their reasons for pursuing the dual-degree, how they went about doing it, and how they thought about the decision as well as the relative pros and cons of the various routes and programs.

Class of 2015

David Fajgenbaum, MSc
University of Pennsylvania
MD/MBA Candidate, 2014

David Fajgenbaum, MD/MBA Candidate

Shaan-Chirag Gandhi, DPhil
Harvard University
MD/MBA Candidate, 2015

Shaan-Chirag Gandhi, MD/MBA Candidate

Class of 2016

Class of 2017

Omar Z. Maniya
Georgetown University
MD/MBA Candidate, 2016

Omar Z. Maniya, MD/MBA Candidate

Omar F. Rahman
Georgetown University
MD/MBA Candidate, 2017

Omar F. Rahman, MD/MBA Candidate

Class of 2018

Ankur A. Shah
Albany Medical College & Union Graduate College
BS/MD/MBA Candidate, 2018

Ankur A. Shah, BS/MD/MBA Candidate

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From clinical medicine to consulting and finance, MD/MBAs recognize that through business they can magnify their impact and help thousands of patients at a time.
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